December 2008

Work Experience:

Jan 2009 – Present
DreamWorks Animation, Los Angeles, US – Character Technical Director, working on digital characters on feature animations:
     – Puss In Boots (due to be released Nov 2011)
     – Guardians Of Childhood (due to be released Nov 2012)
     – Kung Fu Panda 2 (due to be released Jun 2011)

Jul 2008
Framestore, London, UK – Commercials department, general rigging tasks.

Mar 2007 – Jun 2008
Framestore, London, UK – Feature animation "The Tale of Despereaux". I was a lead rigger for body deformations of characters, working in team with 3 more people, and along with facial team and cloth team. I've developed a deformation system which was used on all characters in the movie, including crowds. It was designed to be easy for corrections based on director's requests and portable to various characters. It supports independence between multiple layers of clothing, squash and stretch etc.

Jan 2003 – Aug 2006
Freelancing while finishing university. In parallel, independent development and testing of realistic muscle driven deformation systems for human body and face. Emphasis was on creating mechanisms and systems for realistic muscle and skin deformations and solving various technical problems, such as automatic skin weighting and creating character rig which behaves as real skeleton. Project also included modeling of human skeleton, muscles and skin and MEL development of graphic interface for control of setup and animation.

May 2006
Teaching character rigging at Chiron School for Creative Technologies, including joints, IK  and corrective blend shapes for better look of character in motion.

Sep 1999 – Feb 2002
AP Agency, Belgrade, Serbia – Generalist CG artist in advertising agency in which I worked on various commercial projects, including TV commercials (full CG and live footage commercials), billboards, magazine ads and books. During this time I was involved in the production of several CG cartoony commercials, where I have decided that character animation and character TD are of most interest to me. Clients for which I have worked include Belgrade representatives of Peugeot, Coca-Cola, Citroen, Good Year, Pirelli, Kumho and Sony.


Oct 1999 – Apr 2006
Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Belgrade, Serbia (4 years technical faculty with emphasis on computer science), Department of Management (oriented towards work in technical and IT environment). Graduate paper: Managing software development projects. Although in the end I graduated on Department of Management, I had detailed education in maths (such as functions, matrices and differential math) and programming (languages such as Pascal).

Sep 2003 – Jan 2004
Chiron School for Creative Technologies, Alias certified school which was opened in Belgrade in 2003. I have Autodesk/Alias certificates in Maya Character Rigging and Animation, and Maya Dynamics.

Software: Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3D Studio MAX, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe AfterEffects, Adobe Premiere, Shake, Linux.

Other info: Member of Mensa International since 2003.