Human Anatomy Study

February 2011
Technical Study Of Human Anatomy And Presentation Of Tracker System
Los Angeles, California

Character development that was demonstrated in my previous demo reels in last several years is polished up and finalized, and demonstrated on a realistic human character, that was modeled by my friend Eung Ho Lo from Weta.

Most of the bugs, problems and visual imprefections from earlier stages have been cleaned up, since I used most of the stuff that was working before and had time to focus on problematic areas. On top of that, on one side I was able to optimize whole system for better performance, and on the oher side computers these days are more powerful than several years ago, so each part of the body could have sufficient details  to look the way it should.

The whole project is currently submitted to Siggraph 2011 so until August I can't reveal most of the project due to Sighgraph copyrights. Until then I am uploading several promotional images.